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Sit down and relax as you try to decide which of the assortment of unique teas and wonderful treats to savour. These menus are created with a large measure of love and more than a teaspoon or two of magic.

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choose from the following:


The perfect way to start the day
- a Folly breakfast where the continent meets Norfolk. Fresh bread, warm croissants, locally cured ham and salamis, cheeses, fresh fruit salad and yogurt.


Vintage teacups at the ready we raise them to The Duchess of Bedford who in the mid-19th century was credited with inventing the tradition of Afternoon Tea to fill the long gap between Luncheon and dinner.


For those who wish for something savoury at lunchtime please look at our Folly board.


As the shopping is complete and work is over for the day let us woo you with a touch of glamour and decadence. At the Folly you can indulge your weary feet, heads and hearts with our early evening temptations.

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